Refuel Formal CPD Modules

This offers you Australian Institute of Architects Refuel accredited Formal CPD points. Formal CPD is a learning activity with stated learning outcomes that is normally assessed or has significant interaction between presenter and learner. This Formal CPD program may be a minimum of 40 minutes in length allowing for a minimum of 20 minutes to complete a formal activity task or Q&A session.

Acoustic Materials in the Design of Sound Acoustic Spaces

This module explains the acoustic terminology in an easy to comprehend form, highlights acoustic issues, and informs of typical applications,  lists acoustic design, and more … Continue reading

Commercial Washroom Design and Construction Challenges

This module details technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms. It reviews safety issues, assesses toilet partitions components, washroom accessories and ... Continue reading


Considerations for Façade Attachments for Optimal Performance

The module will explore the design of a façade that can positively trigger physical, physiological and psychological responses. Aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, sustainability and convenience, the demands... Continue reading

9c Residential Care Material Considerations

This module explains how to design an aged care facility enabling the physical environment to compensate for the sensorial and perceptual deficits of residents. In order to achieve this ... Continue reading

Looking to the Future of Learning Spaces

This module creates a resource for architects and school planners to refer to for the construction of new learning environments or the renovation of existing learning environments with ... Continue reading

Residential Buildings: Considerations for Building a Healthy Home

This module will explore residential buildings and the potential for indoor air quality problems, but also the impact the acoustics and thermal comfort have on our health and the health of our ... Continue reading