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This module highlights technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms. Washrooms are often overlooked but they say a lot about the image and prestige of the whole establishment. The module reviews design aspects, sustainability concerns, safety issues and access provisions. It assesses toilet partition components, washroom accessories and selected material options accounting for compliance, hygiene and maintenance concerns.


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Who May Benefit from this Module

This CPD module maybe of interest to architects and specifiers working in commercial, public or education design environments and seeking more clarification around washrooms related concerns.


1. Describe the importance of design and what to take into account when designing commercial toilets. AACA Competency: Design; Schematic Design: 4.3
2. Document the guidelines provided in the National Construction Code 2019 and Australian Standards 1428.1-2009. AACA Competency Design: Conceptual Design:3.4
3. Investigate and integrate appropriate material selection for toilet or shower partitions. AACA Competency: Design; Schematic Design: 4.6