Become a Sponsor

"We believe that by educating and sharing industry experience, we add extra value to the products and suppliers products for greater understanding of the application."

in2aplearning develops and presents the CPD module topics directly related to the sponsoring party/parties. After each presentation, the suppliers that sponsor the module feature further enhance and reinforce brand recognition.

in2aplearning is a channel to market for CPD architects & CPD interior and structural designers. We supply Online Hosting and Screen-To-Screen meetings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, and Webinars.

Product types, systems and installation challenges are presented in detail. in2aplearning strives to address various issues that CPD architects commonly encounter. In-depth research is carried out for each presentation. All material is cross-checked and verified by a certified building surveyor.

You become a shared sponsor when you commit to participating in a CPD module. Modules are offered to architects for online completion and through the In-Office One-Hour Group presentations made to design firms. The CPD architects make the module choice. The participant will receive one formal CPD point at the end of the completed module and a certificate of completion.