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  • Q&A
  • 10min sponsor product introduction (relevant to CPD webinar)

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26th June 12pm

Access to Safe and Sustainable Commercial Washrooms by ASI JD MacDonald

This module intends to create a resource for architects to refer to when designing commercial washrooms, emphasising hygiene, accessibility, optimal washroom accessories and sustainability. The module highlights technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms.

The importance of providing access to public washrooms for one in five Australians living with some disability is reflected by current Australian Standards AS1428.1: 2021 for disabled access and mobility. We review design aspects, sustainability concerns, safety issues and access provisions. We also assess washroom accessories and selected material options accounting for compliance, hygiene and maintenance concerns. Changing urban demographics and the burring of traditional living and working boundaries have changed people’s needs and attitudes towards greater well-being and comfort outside of the home, with commercial washrooms playing a more important part than ever in our daily lives.

As a society, we are increasingly aware of our personal hygiene and appearance and have greater expectations regarding facilities that support our personal and business social patterns and environmental awareness. Washrooms are no longer an afterthought; they say much about a brand.

  1. Discuss the key considerations for washroom hygiene PC39
  2. Outline optimal material considerations for washroom accessories and changes to the revised AS1428.1: 2021 PC46
  3. Describe key sustainability considerations for washrooms PC 45

Allison Copping

Leeanne Bird

Linda Lukas

Allison  has been an Account Manager at ASI JD MacDonald for over 8 years, Leanne 9 years and Linda 7 years. All three  are exceptionally adept at advising the best products to suit the extremely varied washroom applications encountered. Like all ASI JD MacDonald Account Managers, Allison is also proficient in the requirements of the design and specification of accessible compliant commercial washrooms to comply with Australian Standard AS1428.1: 2021.

*NOTE to all our WA, SA and NT architects and users please note the time zone invitation is that for AEST, please ensure you note the time difference. We would hate for you to miss our CPD presentation.