in2aplearning have been developing and facilitating CPD modules since 2015.

Screen to Screen


Business has changed and so has the way company technical representatives connect with the architects. CPD modules are a good resource for group discussions to nut out installation, NCC guidelines, or looking for a solution for your client. This digital format is a virtual formal CPD presentation with your own team. This format Screen to Screen is your own company private session, not an open webinar.

in2aplearning offers Screen to Screen CPD Presentations to a team of colleagues from the one architectural practices where there are four or more specifiers present on line.

Audio Visual & Presenter Interaction


  • Audio visual and discussion
  • Total duration 1 hour
  • Q&A
  • 10min sponsor product introduction (relevant to CPD)

9c Residential Care Material Considerations

This module explains how to design an aged care facility enabling the physical environment to compensate for the sensorial and perceptual deficits of residents. In order to achieve this ... Continue reading

Acoustic Materials in the Design of Sound Acoustic Spaces

This module explains the acoustic terminology in an easy to comprehend form, highlights acoustic issues, and informs of typical applications,  lists acoustic design, and more … Continue reading

Looking to the Future of Learning Spaces

This module creates a resource for architects and school planners to refer to for the construction of new learning environments or the renovation of existing learning environments with ... Continue reading

Commercial Washroom Design and Construction Challenges (DDA)

This module details technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms. It reviews safety issues, assesses toilet partitions components, washroom accessories and ... Continue reading

Commercial Washroom Design and Construction Challenges (Joinery)

This module details technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms. It reviews safety issues, assesses toilet partitions components, washroom accessories and ... Continue reading

Considerations for Façade Attachments for Optimal Performance

The module will explore the design of a façade that can positively trigger physical, physiological and psychological responses. Aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, sustainability and convenience, the demands… Continue reading

Environmental and Design Challenges for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are used on nearly every building in each and every sector of our industry. Entrance doors to a public building, a residential building, a breakaway area or courtyard, which has become more... Continue reading

Solutions for Bacteria & Moisture Management in Concrete

Learn about Australian owned and manufactured Oxtek Solution’s unique and environmentally safe technology for PERMANENT concrete protection. A unique AS1884:2012 compliant colloida … Continue reading

Solid Surface in Healthcare Design

This module will enhance the education of architects and designers in their design and documentation of DuPont Corian® Solid Surfaces in Healthcare environments, and this information translates to… Continue reading

Passivhaus Design Principles in Commercial Construction

  • What is Passivhaus? Performance criteria.
  • How does thermal bridging impact the overall performance of a building?
  • The importance of airtightness.
  • Insulated Panel, what is it?
  • What is AS/NZS4859.2 and its role within the 2019 National Construction Code?
  • Insulated panel’s contribution to better Passivhaus design Continue reading

Fire Requirements for External Walls and Facades

  • NCC 2019 - specific fire requirements for suitability.
  • Principles of fire performance. Compliance requirements for different classes and building types.
  • Design considerations concerning fire performance
  • Understand the different fire tests and where they fit into the requirements of the NCC Continue reading

Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope – NCC 2019

  • The 2019 NCC – What you need to know
  • The science of thermal insulation
  • Understand the principles of thermal bridging. Analyse the impact of thermal bridging on thermal performance
  • Continuous insulation – What is it? Continuous insulation and thermal bridging Continue reading

Behaviour of Sound

In this CPD presentation we bring to you our industry experience and knowledge gained, on how to address acoustic requirements and challenges in commercial fitouts. We look at how to … Continue reading

Waterproofing Solutions

This module will explain why waterproofing and the correct systems are critical to use and specify. Waterproofing failure in buildings has become a significant problem for the industry as the cost of ... Continue reading

Residential Buildings: Considerations for Building a Healthy Home

The module will explore residential buildings and the potential for indoor air quality problems, but also the impact the acoustics and thermal comfort have on our health and the health of our … Continue reading

Insulated Panel Roof Systems: Delivering a Complete Roofing Solution

  • Characteristics, options, and configurations of insulated metal roof panels.
  • Engineering considerations affecting Insulated Panels.
  • How Insulated Panels meet all the performance requirements of the NCC in relation to weatherproofing, air-tightness, thermal considerations and fire. Including its contribution to Passivhaus design principles.
  • Standards required for Insulated Panels - NCC Continue reading