In Office Presentations

IN2AP Learning offers In Office Presentations to groups of architects and architectural practices where there are three or more specifiers present within Metropolitan areas. Regional areas will be considered for larger group presentations upon request.

The formats for the presentations are:

Option 1: Audio Visual

  • 45 minutes of audio visual content which is  facilitated by an IN2AP representative
  • Total duration 1 hour
  • IN2AP will arrange catering
  • Q&A
  • Product discussion

Option 2: Interactive

  • 45 minutes of audio visual content. This format (activity) can include a broader and more indepth discussion of the topic led by the participants and the facilitator for content relevant to the module. This activity is designed to be a more interactive presentation. Appropriate product selections, examples, product samples, and case studies may be discussed.
  • Total duration 2 hours
  • IN2AP will arrange catering
  • Q&A

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