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Considerations for Specifying Sustainable Architectural Building Products


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It has been noted that almost 70% of architects and designers report that finding green products represents at least a medium challenge when they work on sustainable building projects, with close to 20% saying the importance is high. This module reviews the means and methods available to research architectural products with a focus on optimising human health, environmental performance and promoting environmentally sustainable development. It details how advanced building information and technology continues to change the green building market.


  1. Understand where to find sustainability and performance information for comparison between a wide selection of building product types and materials.
  2. Discuss green building standards, labeling programs, and details to include in specifications.
  3. Be able to describe the variables of building product selection that impact sustainability and occupant/ tenant health, including effects on productivity and comfort.
  4. Achieve a greater awareness of the future of green building trends and practices.

Who May Benefit from this Module: The module maybe of interest to all architects and interior designers looking to improve their understanding around issues of sustainability including labelling, product selections and future trends and practices.


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