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Assisted Living Access for All

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When planning to build a new home, most people anticipate spending a number of years, if not decades, living in it. Regardless of the length of stay, new homes are more often than not designed to accommodate changing needs over its lifetime. Consideration should be given to the occupants of the dwelling that one is designing for. This is perhaps even more important when designing for people with a disability. It is imperative that conversations at the design table should focus on the broader vision or amenity of the residents, whilst ensuring that all the key stakeholders are consulted.

The focus of this module will be on fully accessible and high physical support domiciles. Throughout this module, we will be exploring the complex housing needs of disabled Australians.

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1. Document the special needs for disability accommodation 3, 3.1
2. List design options for assisted living residences 4, 4.1
3. Describe the unique requirements and guidelines required for disability housing 3, 3.4