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Microliving – The Luxury of Living Small

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Population Growth: Imagine a world with over 10 Billion people by 2050, whereas twice as many people (68%) will live in urban areas than in rural areas. A world, with more than 45 Megacities inhabiting more than 10 Mio people and with a strong increase of the 60+ population (50%). The upcoming social changes and rapid Urbanization will strongly influence, shape and shift, how we work and live together.

Such changing social behavioural trends are Individualization (growing single households), Co-Living, Co-Working, Sharing Economy and Densification. The co-working and co-living trends are both the result of urbanization, as people will find ways to fight against loneliness and are able to manage the rising rents in high densification areas.

The smaller the living area, the more important planning is. Open concept floorplans with movable elements enable multi-functional use of spaces. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.


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1. Describe the megatrend of Urbanization and its impact on the future of how we live 4.2.
2. Identify key design challenges resulting from urbanization 3.6.
3. Describe the topic of Micro-living and how it can resolve certain urbanization challenges 3.3