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The Sound of Silence: Designing Wall, Ceiling and Door Solutions for Optimal Acoustic Comfort in Residential and Commercial Applications

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Acoustic design is often ignored or relegated to an afterthought in modern architecture.  However, the way a building performs acoustically has a huge impact on how it is experienced by its users.  Good acoustics has been associated with improved health, learning outcomes and enjoyment, whilst poor acoustics has been associated with conflict, stress, anxiety and other health issues.  Considering these factors, designing for good acoustics is paramount, but many designers believe they must sacrifice aesthetics in order to achieve good acoustics.  In this module, we provide practical ways to design spaces which perform better acoustically but don’t detract from – and in some cases enhance – room aesthetics.

Good acoustic design delivers health and wellbeing benefits to users of commercial and residential buildings but is often overlooked.  In this module, we show how to design for acoustics whilst retaining aesthetics.


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Who May Benefit from this Module:

The module maybe of interest to all architects and interior designers looking to improve their understanding of acoustics.


1. Improve understanding of building acoustics theory and practice 3.3 & 3.4
2. Understand key solutions for achieving acoustic solutions in walls, ceilings, and doors 3.2